Police PSYCH Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

A formal Psychological Exam will be conducted as an oral interview with a trained specialist or psychologist. Because of the cost of conducting this test, the psych exam is normally given at the end of the police hiring process. Many questions will be based upon your personal experiences as mentioned on your application. It can easily take over 1 hour since it is very interactive.

The Psych test gives the examiner a reading about your personality and character. The test can identify tendencies of being honest or dishonest, being over aggressive or overly timid, extroverted or introverted, outgoing or reclusive. These tests give the psychologist insight into traits that may or may not be suitable for a law enforcement position. They are important because obviously police work involves lots of stress and you are carrying a deadly weapon!


Psychological Screening for Police Officers

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Most psychology exams will measure five personality traits:

·         Stability

·         Openness

·         Agreeableness

·         Conscientiousness and

·         Extroversion

Conscientiousness is a big word with a big meaning. It means that people can depend upon you to do the job. It is as simple as that! A person who has a strong determination to do his or her duties is a valuable asset for any employer. Within these five dimensions, a trained psychologist can detect many things about your work ethic, you level of cooperation, your degree of restlessness, how you respond to supervision, your bias or lack of bias, and much more.


Police Psych Exam Questions

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

There are several different styles of questions that the psych examiner may ask you.

The question, “Tell me about yourself,” is an Unstructured style question? Other examples might be,

·         “What do you like to do in your spare time?” or

·         “Why do you want to be a police officer?”

You need to anticipate how you will answer such open-ended questions.

Structured questions will usually be in written form and can be True/False questions, or more likely, in the form of multiple-choice questions with 5 answer choices as shown here. Typical examples might be:

·         I am a “worrier.”

·         I make friends easily.

·         I have a vivid imagination.

·         I trust others.

·         I always do a good job.

How would you answer these questions?

  1. Strongly Agree

  2. Agree

  3. Neutral - Unsure

  4. Disagree

  5. Strongly Disagree


Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Prepare for the Police Psych Exam

Even though you are going to be honest, there are important things you need to know about how best to answer. Nothing in life is absolute and there are grey areas in all questions and answers. Learning how to navigate these grey areas is the key to passing the psych exam or not.

There is an excellent prep course that will educate you you about the entire process and gives you a simulated practice session. You will learn how to fine-tune your attitudes in order to come across best. It is terribly frustrating for applicants to fail this final step in the police hiring process!

The prep course is Mastering the Psych Exam by Sgt. George Godoy.