Frontline National Police Exam

San Francisco PD use Frontline

San Francisco PD use Frontline

For their police written exam, many law enforcement agencies in the U.S. use a test format known as the Frontline National police officer selection test. Applicants will frequently be directed to the National Testing Network (NTN) web site to take the Frontline exam. Many agencies outsource their testing administration and scoring to NTN. Both Frontline and NTN are owned by Ergometrics. 

Be aware, even though the word "national" is included in this title,  there is no true national standard for police officer selection tests in the U.S.


Agencies Using the Frontline Police Exam

Seattle Police Department uses Frontline

Seattle Police Department uses Frontline

Notable police written exams based upon Frontline include:

  • San Francisco Police Department Written Exam

  • Oakland Police Written Exam

  • Long Beach Police Written Exam

  • Denver Police Written Exam

  • Boulder Police Written Exam

  • Oregon Police Written Exam

  • Several Arizona Police Departments Written Exam

  • Portland Oregon Police Written Exam

  • Seattle Police Department Written Exam

  • Washington Metro PD Written Exam


Questions Included on the Frontline Police Exam

Frontline emphasizes SJT

Frontline emphasizes SJT

There are three components to the FrontLine Test: a video-based human relations test, a reading ability test and a report writing test. Testing takes approximately 2.5 hours.

1.   Video-Based Human Relations and Judgment Test

This is Frontline’s specialty – Situational Judgment Testing. You will watch a total of 46 video scenarios and have a very short time to choose how you would react to each - 90 minutes.

2.   Write Police Report

Watch 1 Scenario and Write Incident Report – 10 minutes

3.   Writing Test

15 multiple-choice questions - 10 minutes

4.   Reading Comprehension

30 multiple-choice questions - 5 minute


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