How to Pass IPMA-HR's Po-EL Exam

Harrisonburg, VA Police Department uses the PO-EL

Harrisonburg, VA Police Department uses the PO-EL

The  Police Officer Entry Level exam (PO-EL) is published by IPMA-HR and used by many Police departments in the country. States where you may find it include: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

The 1-hour, 45-minute exam is made up of five cognitive sections plus a Police Interest Questionnaire. Test takers receive a booklet called the TIP (Technical Information Packet) at the start of the exam. Students have 25 minutes to study the TIP before answering questions that are based upon the TIP without referring to notes. 


Questions Included on the PO-EL

You must prepare for the LEAB

You must prepare for the LEAB

Cognitive Abilities Test

  1. Ability to Learn and Apply Information

  2. Ability to Observe and Remember Details

  3. Judgement and Problem Solving

  4. Verbal Abilities (Your use of words)

  5. Ability to Follow Directions

Police Interest Questionnaire

The Police Interest Questionnaire is designed to assess certain motivational, value-related and attitudinal characteristics. It is used to measure how good a fit you will be with policet work. 


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