How to Pass the CPS-HR Police Exam

The Louisiana State Police use the CPS-HR for their written exam

The Louisiana State Police use the CPS-HR for their written exam

The  CPS-HR Entry-Level Law Enforcement test is a comprehensive police written exam that is used across the country. There are 100 questions with a 2-hour time limit. Applicants are given a study booklet for the first 10 minutes that contains articles and images, like crime posters, that you will be tested on in the Observation and Memorization section of the test.

The CPS-HR covers the following 4 subject areas:

  • Observation and Memory

  • Written Communications / Report Writing

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Reasoning / Analytical Ability

The section called "Reasoning" is more commonly referred to as "Problem Solving," and the section called "Analytics" is more commonly known as Spatial Orientation (maps and diagrams) in most police exams. 


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