Los Angeles Police Department Test

The LAPD requires applciants to complete three essays.

The LAPD requires applciants to complete three essays.

The entrance exam for the LAPD is unique compared to other police exams used in the U.S. The first step after applying is known as the PQE. This requires applicants to go to a testing center and write 3 Personal Qualifications Essays. There is a 30-minute time limit for each essay. While it takes more time to grade, the essay reveals a lot about an applicant’s character, self-esteem and ability to communicate.

Applicants will also fill out a Personal History Statement, but the traditional multiple-choice questions are not used.


Typical Questions on the PQE

The LAPD requires applicants to pass the PQE

The LAPD requires applicants to pass the PQE

Typical questions that may be found on the Personal Qualifications Essays (PQE) are:

  • Describe something that you have done that you regret. What did you learn from your experience? How have you changed since then?

  • Write about a potentially explosive situation where tempers flared. Describe the situation and explain what you did to neutralize it.

  • Write an essay about a point in your life when you felt you did not receive proper recognition or praise for something you did. Describe the situation, indicating what rewards you anticipated, why you expected them, and why you felt you were not properly rewarded.


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