How to Pass the LST Police Exam

The Boise Idaho Police Departments use the LST

The Boise Idaho Police Departments use the LST

The  Law-Enforcement Officer Selection Tool (LST) is published by I/O Solutions. Police departments may manage the test administration on their own or outsource it through Public Safety Testing (PST).  It is used by many Police departments in Alaska, Oregon, Washington State and Idaho.

The 3-hour, 40-minute exam is made up of three sections: Cognitive Abilities Test, Work Styles Questionnaire, and Life Experience Survey. The exam lasts for 3 hours. It consists of multiple-choice questions and two behavioral assessments.


Questions Included on the LST

You must prepare for the LST

You must prepare for the LST

Spokane Police Department uses LST

Spokane Police Department uses LST

Cognitive Abilities Test

The LST Cognitive Abilities Test consists of 70 multiple choice questions on cognitive skills:

  1. Reading Comprehension

  2. Written Expression

  3. Reasoning - Deductive

  4. Reasoning - Inductive

  5. Information Ordering

  6. Flexibility of Closure

  7. Spatial Oreintation

Non-Cognitive Traits

These fall into two main categories: work styles (personality) and biographical data. Your predisposition to respond to people and situations in a given way is your style or personality. These traits have been developed in you over a long period of time and are considered to be very stable. Your biographical experiences are those experiences in your life that result from your abilities, interests and personality.

Many exams refer to this as Bio Data.


Best Prep Course for the LST


Get yourself an online prep course with the following included:

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    • Work Styles Questionnaire and

    • Life Experience Survey

  • Bonus material:

    • Managing Your Job Search

    • How to Not Fail the Polygraph

    • Best Practices for the Psych Exam

    • How to Impress at the Oral Interview

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