Fremont Police written test

What is the Fremont Police Written Test?

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The Fremont Police Department uses the Frontline National test for the SFPD written exam. Frontline emphasizes  Situational Judgment Testing (SJT). Frontline is administered by National Testing Network or NTN.

How to Pass the Fremont Police Written Test?

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Few applicants have ever taken a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) as found on the Frontline exam.

Applicants need to study with a good prep course that gives them practice at answering SJT questions..

How to Prepare for the Fremont Police Written Test?

The BEST prep course on the market is Frontline QuikPrep. The course includes:

  • Stimulating Tutorials for how to score high
  • Dozens of Practice Situations 
  • Bonus material:
    • Managing Your Job Search
    • Best Practices on Personality Profiles
    • How to Not Fail the CVSA or Polygraph
    • Best Practices for the Psych Exam
    • How to Impress at the Oral Interview
  • Mobile-friendly, Lifetime Access
  • One-on-one Support from a Veteran Police Recruiter