How to Pass the San Diego Police Test

The Phoenix AZ Police Department uses the DELPOE for their written exam

The San Diego Police Department uses its own test format. This is an exception in California, where most agencies use the PELLETB. The San Diego Police Written Test is a bit easier than PELLETB, but not much. There are still a lot of reading and writing abilities questions, but no CLOZE reading test.


Questions Included on the San Diego Police Written Test

You must prepare for the LST

The San Diego Police Written Test has three sections. Applicants must pass each of these three sections.

Section 1: Reading Comprehension

Section 2 Topics

  • Checking Ability

  • Map Reading and Directions

  • Decision Making

Section 3: Written Communications

  • Grammar and snetence strucure

  • Spelling, vocabulary and punctuation


How to Prepare for the San Diego Police Written Test


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