FBAT / CJBAT Police Written Test

Miami Dade Police use FBAT CJBAT

Miami Dade Police use FBAT CJBAT

There are two variations of the police written exam used in Florida. FBAT stands for Florida Basic Abilities Test and CJBAT means Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test. The content of these two test formats is very similar.

The full length exam requires 2.5 hours to answer 120 questions. This time includes 30 minutes to read a "Study Booklet" that is used for the memorization portion. All questions are multiple choice.

Applicants will also fill out a Personality Profile and Personal History Statement.


Agencies Using FBAT / CJBAT

Florida Highway Patrol uses FBAT

Florida Highway Patrol uses FBAT

Notable agencies using FBAT or CJBAT are:

  • Florida Highway Patrol Written Exam

  • Orlando Police Department Written Exam

  • Tallahassi Police Department Written Exam

  • Jacksonville Department Written Exam

  • Miami Department Written Exam

  • Tampa Department Written Exam

  • St. Petersburg Police Department Written Exam


Questions Included on FBAT / CJBAT

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The test includes a traditional cognitive section and applicants will complete a Personal History and a Personality Profile.

Cognitive Abilities included in the test are:

•      Writing Abilities

•      Reading Abilities

•      Deductive Reasoning

•      Inductive Reasoning

•      Information Ordering

•      Situational Judgement

•      Memorization

•      Spatial Orientation

•      Flexibility of Closure


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