How to Pass the CWH-NGLE Police Exam

 The Virginia Beach Police Department uses the CWH-NGLE for their written exam

The Virginia Beach Police Department uses the CWH-NGLE for their written exam

The  CWH-NGLE is a police exam that minimizes emphasis on cognitive predictors and heavily weights non-cognitive predictors. This Next Generation Law Enforcement (NGLE) exam was originally developed by CWH Research but now is owned and distributed by I/O Solutions. It is going through a relabeling process and I predict that it will eventually be known as the NGLE written exam.

The NGLE combines a straightforward cognitive ability measure with multiple situational judgment measures. Test time is 3 hours and 15 minutes plus 15 minutes for instructions.


Questions Included on the CWH-NGLE

 You must prepare for the LST

You must prepare for the LST

Cognitive Abilities Test

The CWH-NGLE Cognitive Abilities Test consists of 40 multiple choice questions on straightforward cognitive skills:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Expression

Non-Cognitive Traits

  • There are 96 Situational Judgement questions.

How to Prepare for the CWH-NGLE


Get yourself an online prep course with the following included:

  • All CWH-NGLE cognitive subjects are covered in detail
  • Engaging tutorials teach you how to score high
  • Hundreds of practice questions available
  • Tutorials & Practice questions to guide you through the:
    • Non-cognitive, situational judgement questions
  • Bonus material:
    • Managing Your Job Search
    • How to Not Fail the Polygraph
    • Best Practices for the Psych Exam
    • How to Impress at the Oral Interview
  • Mobile-friendly, lifetime access, one-time fee
  • Personal support from a veteran cop and police recruiter.

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